Many stories of change or innovation begin with the dissatisfaction of a current situation. So it was with the tale of the “rausschwärmer”.

It needed a person looking for a vehicle with the possibility to transport goods, material and sports equipment, to give shelter, a workspace and offer a functional kitchen with no fuzz. All of it should be of light but strong material and have the possibility to adapt to many different situations. It should also be easy to handle in rougher terrain and not to the last pleasing to the eye. Actually, it needed to be something like a “wow-trailer”. And guess what ? There was nothing like that around !

So the person looking but not finding started out to create. First just in the head, then on the back of some old invoice that wasn’t paid yet. After a while on a clean sheet of paper, then came in some cheap 3D-software full of bugs. First trailer components where ordered and a small local metal working company in the neighbourhood was offering help and craftsmanship.

Sketches and plans were drawn and found their way into the bin. The creator made mistakes, learned but still loved the project with all ups and downs. After some months of great teamwork with the local metal company it became obvious that their technical possibilities were not the ones needed to put the creation on the wanted level of production. The creation was still foremost for own personal need. But knowing, if own high demands were met and also please the senses of the own trained eye, there might be others wanting to call a “rausschwärmer” their own.

After not long, the management of a much larger metal working company was sharing those believes. With state of the art high-tech metal working possibilities and professional 3D drawing and production assistance the “rauschschwämer” became it’s first wings. A great partnership developed and since a few weeks the second prototype is approved by the higher kingdom of road authority.

to be continued…