The R-Team

Arne: Experienced traveller, passion for mobile shelter solutions and functional design. Loves to create. Founder of “rausschwärmer”.
Jo: Exquisite taste in espresso, and projects worth develloping. With him believing in the concept and the support of the family the “rausschwärmer” is on the road in this amazing quality.
Tina: Passionate about energy flow and communication. Marketing and the voice of “rausschwärmer“.
Klaus: A true all-rounder ! At home with all the CNC-machines of the factory but also responsible to transfer Arne’s ideas into computer language and preparing the technical drawings.
Markus: The only really good looking team member. All bits and pieces that are holding our beast together are organized by this accurate character.
Daniel: The knight in shining armour. His preferred weapons are fire and heat. He is responsible for putting the puzzle together with his wig-torch.