camping toilet

Camping toilet “hive two”

The camping toilet “hive two” from campbee fits perfectly to your rausschwärmer trailer.

Completely handmade from sustainable materials, the “hive two” not only cuts a fine figure as a urine-diverting toilet.
Due to the robust construction, it is also ideal as an additional stool. Preferably with the lid closed, of course! All components of the “hive two” are fully recyclable or already recycled.
The multiplex panels are treated with natural wax, the rear wall is made of ABS recyclate and even the 3D-printed components such as the push-lock can be recycled at the end of their life!

It is emptied very quickly via the front flap, which can also be completely removed if necessary thanks to its special hinges.
The divider is held on the inside with two twist locks for easy removal and cleaning.
The seal integrated in the lid and front flap ensures that all odors stay where they belong.
As an additional protection, the urine canister has a membrane closure, which also serves as a splash guard.

There are also other sizes of this camping toilet available. But the “hive two” is our recommendation. Do you have any further questions about the “hive two” ? Then send an email to or to us at rausschwärmer. More infos about the trailer can be found at thew details section.