mobile catering area

Catering Cover L

The Catering Cover L.

The “Catering Cover L” is an optimal add-on for the left wing of the trailer of the rausschwärmer. We developed this elegant catering surface, because more and more customers have expressed the wish to use the actual bed as a sales or promotional area. The “L” stands for the left side of the vehicle or for “Large” in contrast to the smaller “Barfly” on the right side of the vehicle.

The surface consists of four separate polished stainless steel elements that are bolted with detachable screws to the underlying aluminum frame. The rear border towards the vehicle is laser-cut from red or white matt acrylic. Company logos, graphics and text can be engraved into this 5 cm wide border. If you are interested, this should be clarified in detail before the start of production of the respective vehicle.

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