Gastronomy outdoor counter

Gastronomy outdoor counter “Barfly”

The gastronomy and outdoor counter called “Barfly” is an elegant detachable counter for the right side of the trailer. It is made from stainless steel and aluminium and easy to keep clean. It is secures with two bolts beneath and can be taken off the trailer in seconds. It is intended to be used while serving drinks or food but should be taken of while driving the trailer on the road.

Right beneath this you can have another shiny stainless steel option. This plate covering the fender of the trailer gives your customers the option to put down glasses, bottles or other goods. It’s called “De-Fender”.

If you are looking for a larger surface to present your drinks, food or products you should consider the “Counter-Cover-L” for the opposite side of the trailer. For prices please refer to our  details section.