mount for motorbike

Motorcycle mount

The motorcycle mount developed specially for the rausschwärmer caravan. You can connected it to the fixture beneath the couch in the front bow. Also you could use a bicycle mount and a motorcycle mount next to each other. Both mounts can be disconnected with just a few bolts.

Ideal for the transport of motorcycles and also scooters. To take your beloved bike with you over a long weekend or on a family holiday. In addition, the camping options of the caravan are not hindered at all. If you are taking part in motorcycle competitions you have your workshop and bedroom with you at the same time. Also great for a tour to remote places and then explore the surrounding area with your motor-cross machine.

It requires little effort to place your motorcycle into the stand. The colour of the motorcycle mount will fit to the individual colour theme of your trailer. We also produce an alternative option that can be bolted to the frame of other goods and sports-gear trailer.

motorcycle mount for trailer

Extremely stable design. Adjustable rocker and wheel mount. Easy, quick and space-saving parking of the motorcycle. Made from powder coated steel. Adjustable to larger and smaller wheels. Also the position of the wheel is variable. Specially useful if you want to place 2 motorcycles next to each other to avoid the handle bars to be in an intersecting position.  For more information read the section details