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Camping toilet “hive two”

camping toilet

The camping toilet “hive two” from campbee fits perfectly to your rausschwärmer trailer.

Completely handmade from sustainable materials, the “hive two” not only cuts a fine figure as a urine-diverting toilet.
Due to the robust construction, it is also ideal as an additional stool. Preferably with the lid closed, of course! All components of the “hive two” are fully recyclable or already recycled.
The multiplex panels are treated with natural wax, the rear wall is made of ABS recyclate and even the 3D-printed components such as the push-lock can be recycled at the end of their life!

It is emptied very quickly via the front flap, which can also be completely removed if necessary thanks to its special hinges.
The divider is held on the inside with two twist locks for easy removal and cleaning.
The seal integrated in the lid and front flap ensures that all odors stay where they belong.
As an additional protection, the urine canister has a membrane closure, which also serves as a splash guard.

There are also other sizes of this camping toilet available. But the “hive two” is our recommendation. Do you have any further questions about the “hive two” ? Then send an email to or to us at rausschwärmer. More infos about the trailer can be found at thew details section.

Orbis 1 + 2

van life shelve

A multi purpose shelve made vor real van life feeling. Orbis-1 is made to attach a stainless steal water tank. This water tank has a gravitational water tap on its bottom. If you place a bowl beneath, it serves as a sink and you can comfortable wash your hands. This system works without any electricity, extra cabel or tubes. The shelve Orbis-2 is almost identical but here the top and bottom area can be used as storage space. Both shelves can be placed at various levels and positions at the rear inside walls of the trailer. More technical infos can be found at the details section.

Mosquito net

mosquito net for the trailer

The mosquito net for the trailer helps when the insects are bugging you to much. You can leave the upper window flap open to get fresh air inside the camping tailer and keep the flying critters outside. It’s fixed on the top within a aluminium rail. If it’s not in use you can roll it up and attach it with two belts or take it out of the rail and put it to the side.

moskito net
moskito net

Motorcycle mount

mount for motorbike

The motorcycle mount developed specially for the rausschwärmer caravan. You can connected it to the fixture beneath the couch in the front bow. Also you could use a bicycle mount and a motorcycle mount next to each other. Both mounts can be disconnected with just a few bolts.

Ideal for the transport of motorcycles and also scooters. To take your beloved bike with you over a long weekend or on a family holiday. In addition, the camping options of the caravan are not hindered at all. If you are taking part in motorcycle competitions you have your workshop and bedroom with you at the same time. Also great for a tour to remote places and then explore the surrounding area with your motor-cross machine.

It requires little effort to place your motorcycle into the stand. The colour of the motorcycle mount will fit to the individual colour theme of your trailer. We also produce an alternative option that can be bolted to the frame of other goods and sports-gear trailer.

motorcycle mount for trailer

Extremely stable design. Adjustable rocker and wheel mount. Easy, quick and space-saving parking of the motorcycle. Made from powder coated steel. Adjustable to larger and smaller wheels. Also the position of the wheel is variable. Specially useful if you want to place 2 motorcycles next to each other to avoid the handle bars to be in an intersecting position.  For more information read the section details

Optional heating system

luxury for outdoor adventure
heater for adventure trailer
heater for adventure trailer

Caravan with diesel heating. We install the Air4D (4kW) or Air2D (2KW) from the manufacturer Autotherm. Those heaters are for use in boats and vehicles such as medium and high truck cabs, utility vehicles or cargo spaces. The main advantages of Autotherm heaters are the stable operation at very low temperatures, the inductive (brushless) electric motors, which are designed for uninterrupted operation of 12,000 hours. The digital control unit allows to set temperatures and offers a timer as well. The warm air flows out at the openings on both sides of the couch. The diesel tank is in the cargo compartment in the front of the trailer. For prices please refer to this Link.

Sun sails

outdoor trailer with sun sail

The rausschwärmer outdoor trailer with sun sail. We manufacture the sun sails for the trailers according to the requirement of every individual customer. Colour and size can be chosen when ordering a trailer.

Solar system

solar panel for outdoor trailer
solar panel for outdoor trailer

As an option we upgrade the outdoor trailer with a solar power system. That way you are totally independent and don’t have to look for a power plug when on an adventure trip. We use a combination of a foldable three section 120 W or a four section 160W FSP-2 solar module and the latest generation of smart MPPT controller. For prices please refer to this list

Designer bar stools

outdoor furniture
outdoor furniture

Stool for outdoor use made in Italy. Nardi-Outdoor is an Italian manufacturer of high quality designer furniture. We mostly recommend the the model “Lido Mini”. Fibreglass single-body stool, with a perforation pattern across the seat and backrest that complements the soft fabric padding. Seamless tubular frame and generous size. Lightweight and stackable. Colours available are: Rosso, Bianco, Cafe, Tortora, Agave, Celeste. We usually have a few pieces in stock but can arrange for any number and colour wanted. For prices refer to this list.

Water tank

water tank

The water tank for camping and outdoor adventure. Have you ever been wondering about the best drinking water solution for your outdoor life ? This is how we do it. A stainless steel tank on a removable shelf inside our trailer. Secured with simple belts. Take your water at that position or move the tank where you prefer it. It is both possible. Either use it inside the trailer if the table is folded inwards or reach it from the outside position. Also the cleaning and refilling is as easy as it can be.
A standard water tank for camping is made from plastic. Our stainless steal solutions is a little more expensive, but if it comes to drinking water we are a little picky. Probably not just with that. Do you want to know more about the interior and technical installations of the outdoor trailer ? Read more

A standard water tank for camping is made from plastic. Our stainless steal solutions is a little more expensive, but if it comes to drinking water we are a little picky. Probably not just with that. Do you want to know more about the interior and technical installations of the outdoor trailer ? Read more

The inside of the cocoon

luxury for outdoor adventure
Inside the retro caravan

Inside the retro caravan. How about some independence and a little luxury for your adventure trailer ? In the bow of the trailer is place for storage, a couch and all the technical installations that make your time off the grid a very comfortable one. We recommend an Engel-cooling box that can also be used outside of the trailer.

Inside the retro caravan

The bar table folded up. Great place to eat, work on your laptop or enjoy the view with a glas of red wine. The hight is designed to fit barstools with a hight of 65cm. We recommend chairs from Nardi-Design. You can purchase them from us when placing an order. If you are interested in the colour options for the retro caravan review this article. Read more

heater for adventure trailer

Heating inside the retro caravan: This is the place for the diesel heater. With the power of 4KW you can turn this little trailer into a take away sauna. The hot air comes out from the openings on both sides of the couch. The digital control for temperature and timing is situated on the left side of the seating area.