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Ramp 2020

The new ramp for the trailer is made from aluminium

The new ramp for the trailer is made from aluminium. On the one side we used checkered plate material to have a better grip while driving up the trailer. On the other side we used smooth material without the structure and gave it a strong colour. This side is meant for sitting as the ramp has a double purpose as a bench. A special leg fixture comes with the ramp and supports it while being connected to the side of the trailer.

Motor bike and camping

transporting a motor bike and camping

Can you combine a passion for motorbike and camping ? Do you love motor bikes ? Are you also keen on camping ? If both apply the our hybrid trailer is the solution for you ! The optional motorbike stand for the trailer has 5 different positions to choose from. It’s suitable for 2 smaller motor cross bikes or similar lighter ones and only needs two bolts to secure it at the position. If you are the owner of a larger BMW or Harley Davidson, then it’s better to place it in the middle position.

Bicycle stand

Diameter and width can be adjusted so almost all possible bikes. You can fit up to 3 stands for a total of 6 bicycles onto the fixture bar or combine it even with the motor bike stand.

Motor bike ramp

In case you want to transport a motorbike or quad with the trailer you will need a ramp. Our heavy duty ramp can be used also for lager motor bikes or quads. The ramp has a double purpose as a sitting bench with easy to use extra stands. You can also connect it to an extra fitting on the outer frame of the trailer.

The rack in the bow

This mobile storage rack can be mounted within the front bow of the trailer. Putting it up or taking down takes just seconds. It can be set either on the left, middle or right position. Two of those can be mounted at the same time.