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The “rausschw√§rmer” is a double axle multipurpose trailer manufactured in Leibnitz, Austria. The chassis is made from galvanised steel, the upper body from powder coated aluminium and stainless steel components. The left wing offers a fold out bed with tent cover protection. Roof and tent cover are made from marine grade fabrics. The right wing offers a fold out workspace or kitchen to be used from inside or outside. The front area offers a couch with storage compartments and access to the electric equipment. Prototype II is equipped with an independent 4kw diesel vehicle heater, 2 USB plugs and 12V outlet.

Option 1:

Tare weight: 750kg
Maximum load: 850kg
Permissible total weight: 1.600kg

Option 2:

Tare weight: 750kg
Maximum load: 1250kg
Permissible total weight: 2.000kg

Total length: 4,96m
Total width: 2,09m
Total height: 2,6m

Cargo space
Length with nose: 3,5m
Length without nose: 2,6m
Width: 1,5m
Height: 2,1m

Max speed (depending on local regulations): 100km

Our hybrid-trailer can be produced in almost any colour imaginable

We are able to customise your trailer in your personal dream colours. Our 2020 serial colour concepts are called “Circus” and “Cappuccino”. If you stay within those tones but just want to swap them, the extra fee is fairly small. If you prefer to change every colour to your liking and choose your own colour world, that might be possible to. Those personal colours need to fit in the RAL-system and our supplier must be able to deliver.