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Colour options

colours of the camping trailer

We usually don’t go for plain white but are appealed to the colour scheme and style of the 50s and 60s. Our customers are all special characters and mostly colourful personalities. Even mouse gray in combination with a stylish black brown also has a special expressiveness and contains a message. On the other hand the white of a conventional caravan, means that the owner disappears into the crowd. You will find enough offers out there that correspond to this desire for invisibility. If you belong to this group, you are not at the right place with us. If you are looking for white caravans then you might find what you are looking for at those companies: Knaus Dethleffs

retro caravan

We do, however, make art on wheels. Popart on Wheels ! We are into special personalities, strength and expression ! Appearance with meaningful colour, high-quality materials and elaborate workmanship. We rely mainly on aluminum. Not the thin 0.7mm material of an average car, but 2.0 mm thick material for the outer skin. It’s not cheap to make, but we don’t believe in cheap.

Not white. Colourful expression with personality ! Quality ! Individuality ! With wings ! rausschwärmer !

Our color palette for you to choose from. Without extra costs for special paintwork!
You should only stick to our color system in the powder coating when dividing the individual parts. This means that there is always a main color as a base that dominates the vehicle (color no. 1).
Then a contour or contrasting color (color no. 2) and a third for details and accessories as well as functional elements (color no. 3).
Which of the colours offered is given which weighting in your rausschwärmer can correspond to your own personal taste.

The colour options

caravan colours

A colored caravan is being built here. Or a very special vehicle with character. Insight into the process of powder coating at the factory. For more video of the manufacturing please refer to our YouTube channel

The inside of the cocoon

luxury for outdoor adventure
Inside the retro caravan

Inside the retro caravan. How about some independence and a little luxury for your adventure trailer ? In the bow of the trailer is place for storage, a couch and all the technical installations that make your time off the grid a very comfortable one. We recommend an Engel-cooling box that can also be used outside of the trailer.

Inside the retro caravan

The bar table folded up. Great place to eat, work on your laptop or enjoy the view with a glas of red wine. The hight is designed to fit barstools with a hight of 65cm. We recommend chairs from Nardi-Design. You can purchase them from us when placing an order. If you are interested in the colour options for the retro caravan review this article. Read more

heater for adventure trailer

Heating inside the retro caravan: This is the place for the diesel heater. With the power of 4KW you can turn this little trailer into a take away sauna. The hot air comes out from the openings on both sides of the couch. The digital control for temperature and timing is situated on the left side of the seating area.



A “rausschwärmer” is a multipurpose trailer manufactured at the Posch-Factory in Leibnitz, Austria. The chassis has a double axle and is made from galvanised steel. However for the upper body we use only aluminium and stainless steel components. On the left side wing it offers a fold out bed with tent cover protection. Roof and tent cover are made from marine grade fabrics and strong PVC Materials. Within the right wing of multipurpose trailer you find a fold out workspace or kitchen to be used from inside or outside. The inside front area offers a couch with storage compartments and access to the electric equipment. Diesel heater, solar power, 2 USB plugs, and 12V outlet, 230V outlets are available as options.

Option 1:

Tare weight: 740kg
Maximum load: 860kg
Permissible total weight: 1.600kg

Option 2:

Tare weight: 740kg
Maximum load: 1260kg
Permissible total weight: 2.000kg

Length: 5,00m
Width: 2,09m
Height: 2,6m

Cargo space
Length with nose: 3,5m
Length without nose: 2,6m
Width: 1,5m
Height: 2,1m

Max speed (depending on local regulations): 100km