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ATV and camping

ATV transport and camping

ATV and camping. This trailer is the best solution if you love to bounce around with you all terrain vehicle and sleep in the outdoors. Combine a sportive adventure trip with comfortable accommodation on wheels. Transporting your ATV in this trailer shouldn’t be a problem for up to medium size ATVs. Maximum load is 1.200kg. all this also applies naturally also to motor bikes. It’s even possible to keep your 4×4 parked inside and still find place next to it for sleeping. If you need room for cooking or want to move comfortably around in the trailer, it’s obviously better to move you ATV outside.

The inside of the transport caravan is easy to clean if mud and dirt gets inside. The floor consist of impregnated plywood. Walls are made from powder coated aluminium. Around the sides are little wholes were water can get out if you decide to wash the trailer from the inside. The fabric of the bedroom tent can easily be detached from the trailer in case of using a water hose.

If you need ramps, fixtures or further equipment, please go to the equipment area of this website.

ATV transport and camping
ATV transport and camping
ATV transport and camping
ATV transport and camping


independent electricity box

The independent electricity box. A carefully crafted box made from powder coated steel and laser cut plywood parts. We call it the black out box because you are worry free in case of a electricity black out. But of course it also is your ideal solution for independent electricity on a camping trip, photo shooting, on the road or at your off grid cottage.

Inside the box is a powerful and reliable battery from the Austrian manufacturer “Banner”. You can choose between 80Ah and 100Ah. The battery within the independent electricity box can be charge with a fold up photovoltaik system with either 120W or 160W. On the outside of this power bank are two plugs for USB and one for 12V. As an extra option available is also a converter for clean sinus wave 230V. This device can also be fixed on the outside for better cooling properties. Further information can be found at the price section

Motorcycle transporter and tent trailer in one

motorcycle camper trailer

Sport and Caravan.

Caravan for motorcycle transport. How can a vacation with a motorcycle and caravan offer maximum independence ? This multifunctional transport trailer unites the freedom on two wheels with the flexibility of a versatile camping solution. With its logically well thought-out design, the Rauschwärmer puts camping on a new level of experience. Combining a motorcycle transporter and a caravan was one of the main ideas behind the innovative overall concept.

Caravans for motorcycle transport

The motorcycle mount for the trailer.

For our sport and caravan option we offer a special fixture. The mount for the motorcycle has five positions to choose from and can be quickly installed or removed. So it is possible to place two slim motocross bikes next to each other or a larger machine such as BMW 1200 GS or Harley Davidson alone in the middle. For the adjustment you only need two bolts to fix the bracket for the motorcycles in the respective position. You will find more details about the mounts in this article.

Ramp for Motorbikes and quads

The ramp for motorcycles and quads.

The height above ground of the loading platform is very low but still keeping a great ground clearance. This way you can conveniently load the motorcycles or even a quads. The specially produced ramps with dual function have their place on the inside wall of the trailer. Additionally the ramp can be used as a practical bench. Quickly attached to the outside of the caravan, it offers seating for 2 people. Further information is provided here. The ramp

Setting up camp with motorcycle and caravan.

If you unfold its wings the inside of the multi purpose trailer transforms the a spacious living area. In this way, the feeling of freedom will be underlined during the outdoor adventure. Attention garantied ! If you show up on a camp side with this classic retro-style trailer, fellow outdoor enthusiast will come running to meet you. They are curious which special character you are, driving around with such a unique trailer. So it is not just a caravan for motorcycle transport but also a form of communication.

For some customers who run a business it is interesting, that the rausschwärmer is a transport trailer according to the vehicle documents. Therefore, the acquisition costs can often be written off for tax purposes.

Base camp for water sports

base camp for water sports

The ideal partner for all types of water sports and camping. A freedom-loving folding caravan for fun sports and closeness to nature. Not a conventional caravan but a real supporter of outdoor activities.

One of the special features of a rausschwärmer is the high loading capacity. Bulky sports equipment such as surfboards, kitesurfing equipment, sails and masts can easily be accommodated inside. Kayaks, canoes and row boats can also be stowed away.

water sports and camping

Hanging equipment on the inner ceiling or lashing it to the versatile brackets on the walls is ideal. Even sensitive devices such as fishing rods and harpoons can be stowed away quickly and safely. In addition to the existing devices, self-developed options can also be integrated and added to the existing system. In addition, the weight of diving equipment or even a jet ski or small sailboat is not a problem. Furthermore, all components are waterproof inside and outside and dirt can be easily rinsed off.

In favor of the usable space and a very high loading capacity, we decided against the permanent installation of a toilet and shower. We rely on mobile solutions that take up less space. The room concept is open and reduced to the essentials. We give priority to our own freedom and mobility but do not renounce the essentials.

Natural thermal air conditioning and heating

The translucent roof can be opened in a few simple steps. So it can be endured in the rausschwärmer even on sunny summer days. Air conditioning is therefore completely unnecessary and also not as efficient as natural thermal air movement. However, we recommend the optional 4KW diesel heater in order to keep your own heat in the comfort range in the event of a cold snap. Since most water sports demand a lot from the body, the rausschwärmer caravan should represent the base camp where your own batteries can be refueled.

Living area and extensions

Inside, the trailer offers plenty of space to sleep, relax or even work, cook and eat. Not only for a single water sports enthusiast but also for the family or a group of friends. Seven adults can easily sit facing each other in the interior without the need for extra chairs. Even the smaller members of the clan such as children or dogs quickly discover the advantages of a rausschwärmer for themselves. In addition to the toys of the grown-ups, there is always enough space for the smaller ones. While mom and dad let off steam on the water, entire play areas are sometimes created on the spacious floor of the cozy wagon. Dogs tend to watch everything from the raised couch area in the front of the trailer.

Thanks to the open layout and the flowing transition to the outside, the covered area can be enlarged even further. By attaching awnings, the space can also be optimized for larger groups. This even goes so far that the vehicle can be used as a food truck or promotion trailer and event base. You can find more details on this in this article. Food truck

Easy setup as camping base

pop up camper

A horse trailer conversion because of the outer shape ? A tiny house on wheels ? A retro caravan or folding camper with wings ? Maybe a tent trailer because of the fabric roof over the sleeping area? A food truck or a trade stand and mobile office?

We have already heard many terms and almost all of them apply. Only that with the converted horse trailer is a fallacy. None of the components come from a horse trailer or have been converted. The trailer has been developed from the ground up. Specifically designed for human adventurers. For adventurers who are looking for more than just an ordinary caravan. Also the chassis is custom-made and, like all other parts, manufactured by the Posch-Leibnitz company in southern Austria.

horse trailer conversion

Trailer made from Aluminium

Aluminum is used as the predominant base material for the rausschwärmer in order to save weight. The multifunctional trailer can also be pulled by an average car without any problems. If necessary, however, in combination with a stronger towing vehicle, loads of up to 1,250 kg can be transported.

Another advantage of aluminum is obviously the low susceptibility to corrosion. The higher material costs are admittedly a disadvantage for the short-term saver. Stainless steel and brass are used for the other functional parts.

Pop up camper

Powder coating

A state-of-the-art powder coating facility is available for further preservation. The components are sealed with a 0.3 thick layer of paint by baking in the high tech facility. In addition, the optical color quality is of course excellent and the color composition can be specifically taken into account for each individual vehicle.

Sustainable vehicle

If frame parts or elements of the structure should be damaged, each part can be dismantled and replaced. All large and small components can be separated from each other again if necessary. This makes the rausschwärmer a very sustainable vehicle. From the beginning, durable materials are used and all parts can then be replaced and repaired.

Furthermore, there are countless mounting options in the interior of the folding caravan for either cargo or expansion parts designed by the owner himself. Handrails, eyelets, buttons and holes for M6 screws are available. The multifunctional camper invites you to create your own furnishing and give it a further individual touch. For more details please go to the details section.

Wings for freedom

setup of folding caravan

Tent trailer innovation from Austria. Freedom of choice for what to do with your trailer and the maximum flexibility is our core interest. You yourself choose which of the many options available you want to put the trailer in use for. Caravan, adventure vehicle, mobile office, utility trailer, work horse or maybe cocktail or espresso bar and sales point. Also surfers base on the weekend and then money making machine during the work days ? Maybe the purchase of one of our trailers starts with one idea and then over time it develops into some magnificent that you didn’t even think of before. That’s what we mean with freedom !

How about setting up your tent trailer in just seconds ? Very well possible with a rausschwärmer if you have arrived at your travel destination. Watch the movie and you get an idea how it works. If you like to see how a jung boy closes it, check out this page

Rausschwärmer multi purpose caravan

multi purpose caravan

The rausschwärmer multi purpose caravan is very spacious and offers lots of room inside for extra gear and equipment. As soon as you unfold the wings of our tent trailer you instantly will feel pure relaxation. If the multi purpose caravan ist equipped with the optional solar power and diesel heating system you will be independent from the grid and can enjoy nature in its purest form. The ideal adventure base for a single traveller enjoying pease and calm. But at the same time perfect for a small family with children, dogs and a lot at sport equipment to be carried to the holiday destination.

tent trailer at lake

Folded up, the trailer it’s easy to handle in narrow outdoor situations like small forrest roads and the likes. Where bigger campers do not make their way, the rausschwärmer clearly lies ahead. Where heavy vehicles get stuck, the rauschwärmer smoothly make it’s way. So you can put up camp in remote territories.

The location in the video is actually one of our test locations in Southern Styria. If you are considering of buying one for yourself you can rent a trailer before hand and test out all its options.  Also if you don’t want to buy one you can spend a camping weekend at our magnificent location. Here you can see one of the other locations: Bamboo location

Cargo trailer


The adventure trailer turns into a transportcaravan. The rausschwärmer is more than just a camping trailer. It’s multi purpose options make the purchase price very reasonable. You don’t need different trailers for various purposes. Many things can be done with a rausschwärmer. Up to 1250kg can be loaded inside the trailer.

For some customers who run a business it is interesting, that the rausschwärmer is listed as a transport trailer according to the vehicle documents. Therefore, the acquisition costs can often be written off for tax purposes.


Naturally you can also transport all your sports gear to your leisure time location. The ideal solution for anybody interested in wind surfing, kayaking, diving, paragliding etc. Even a small sailing boat (up to 3,5m) fits inside the trailer. The inside of the trailer is robust and water resistant. Therefore it is no problem when wet gear will be stored or transported. Also motorbike enthusiasts can make use of the transportcaravan and will love our optional bike mounts. Read more

Sports equipment and camping

trailer for sports equipment and camping

The Trailer for sports equipment and camping. How can you combine you passion for sports, the outdoors and camping ? Do you have any solution for transporting all the gear and still have a great place to sleep, cook or entertain ? Maybe you would also love have a little workbench to do whatever you like best ?

A rausschwärmer trailer can do all that. Up to 1250kg of gear can be transported and you still have a place to sleep and cook. Also you are still connected to nature and the outdoors but keep the rain outside and have the option to put on the heating. You are independent as the footprint of the trailer is small and it is easy to maneuver around. If you have the optional solar system installed for electricity you don’t have to run around looking for the next plug to charge your phone or other media equipment.

But apart from being a great trailer for sports equipment and camping it can be used for many other purposes. Check out the other articles. You could for example also use the trailer for your business as a trade stand or espresso bar. Then you are most likely able to deduct the acquisition cost in your next tax return 😉

The e-bike in the clip is from our friend at bikee Their production facility is almost next to ours in the Austrian town of Leibnitz. We love those guys and their products. They are also responsible for the stylish geero

Travelling and camping with dogs

Camping with dogs

Camping with dogs ? Are you looking for a solution to make everybody in your pack happy ? Do you like the outdoors like they do ? It doesn’t matter how many legs you got. If you and your furry friends love fresh air, camping, sports or just being outside. The trailer is more than just a caravan suitable for dogs. It is a dogs home on wheels. Also for yourself is enough place left to move around, cook, entertain or sit down read a book or just enjoy the view.

The summers heat

When placed in the direct sun an ordinary caravan get’s really hot inside. Even an air condition unit can’t cope with it in summer. Not a problem for a rausschwärmer outdoor and camping trailer. You can just open the large window and one of the doors to create a pleasant breeze. If you like to go further just open a part of the removable cover of the roof to create a natural thermic airflow. This way you survive even during summer in brutally hot weather. The dogs don’t have to go and lie under the trailer like they usually do. The most comfortable place is right inside for both, the four- and two-legged travellers.

The dog can have a place next to the doors and you will still have enough room to pass. There is a couch in the front bow of the outdoor trailer which your furry companion might choose as it’s favourite lookout. Further details

If the dogs are jumping inside the trailer with muddy paws it’s no problem at all. The floor of the trailer is made out of water resistent plywood and can easily be washed and cleaned. Even the inside walls have no problem with water. They are made from powder coated aluminium. You could just use a hose and wash everything from the inside.

Camping with dogs