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The base for water sports

You like diving, canoeing, surfing, sailing, jetskis, or any other water sport ? Our trailer is the ideal base and transportation utility for all those. It’s no problem if water gets inside the trailer from wet equipment. Also dirt can be washed out easily.

Easy setup as camping base

The multipurpose trailer will be set up in seconds to be used as your camping base. You arrive at your travel destination and the bedroom, kitchen and couch are set up in just a few steps. Now you can enjoy your time in the outdoors with plenty of comfort and a great view.

This place by the lake is actually one of the spots where you can rent a rausschwärmer for your holidays. Its based on an organic farm in southern Austria close to the vine route.

A hybrid trailer for transporting and camping

The hybrid trailer is the ideal transport and travel base for any motorbike enthusiast. Even if your motorbike ist stored in the trailer you will be able access the bed and kitchen area. Transporting and camping can be combined in an effortless way. If the trailer gets dirty inside because you have been driving in muddy conditions its no problem. The floor can easily be washed and cleaned.

Street food or espresso bar

food truck or espresso bar hybrid trailer

The multipurpose trailer is the ideal food truck and can be used as an espresso bar, catering base, cocktail bar, vine tasting stand, to sell bread, pastry, sweets and special treats from.

You can order special parts for your personal intentions.

Fun and cargo

The cargo camping trailer offers many possibilities as a transport solution for professional purposes, sport activities and leisure time.

The trailer is the ideal base for any water sports enthusiast. No problem if water gets into the trailer from wet equipment. It’s also water resistent from the inside. Within the trailer is enough space to put all your sports equipment. In addition to that you can fold our the bedroom and kitchen utilities to make your living area even bigger.

Work bench

The work bench can be used inside the trailer and also outside . The hight remains the same so you can use the same chairs with the same sitting hight.