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Manufacturing of the rausschwärmer

Technical drawing of trailer

High tech caravan made in Austria. The “rausschwärmer” is the only folding caravan manufactured in Austria. The production plant is located in the city of Leibnitz, southern Austria. Posch-Leibnitz

The factory spezialises in fabricating machines and trailers out of metal. We produce almost all our components ourselves. This way we are pretty independent and flexible.

The chassis of the trailers consist of hot-dip galvanised steal. The material of the upper body is mainly aluminium and stainless steel. Every single piece is developed with 3D-CAD software and tested with prototypes.

Production and assembly

The manufacturing starts with laser cutting and CNC-bending of the raw sheet metal. Second step is the process of welding. Done by specially trained staff. In the next step the pieces go into the powder coating facility. After that the components will arrive at the assemble section. Then everything will be but together by hand. All those components can also be taken apart again. As a result it is actually possible to repair your trailer if necessary. Opposing to an ordinary caravan, where all parts are glued together and can not be taken apart again if something gets damaged.

Below you can see some video clips from the powder coating and laser cutting section.