caravan with multi purpose

The “rausschwärmer” is a double axle multipurpose trailer manufactured at the Posch-Leibnitz factory in Austria. The chassis is made from galvanised steel, the upper body from powder coated aluminium and stainless steel components. The left wing offers a fold out bed with tent cover protection. Roof and tent cover are made from marine grade fabrics. The right wing offers a fold out workspace or kitchen to be used from inside or outside. The inside front area offers a couch with storage compartments and access to the electric equipment. Diesel heater, solar power, 2 USB plugs, and 12V outlet, 230V outlets are available as options.

Option 1:

Tare weight: 740kg
Maximum load: 860kg
Permissible total weight: 1.600kg

Option 2:

Tare weight: 740kg
Maximum load: 1260kg
Permissible total weight: 2.000kg

Total length: 5,00m
Total width: 2,09m
Total height: 2,6m

Cargo space
Length with nose: 3,5m
Length without nose: 2,6m
Width: 1,5m
Height: 2,1m

Max speed (depending on local regulations): 100km

made in Austria