European Bike Week

European Bike Week 2022

06.09.-11.09.22 European Bike Week 2022 at Faaker See, Carinthia, Austria. Rausschwärmer will be located at the “Harley Village” somewhere around the customiser area. More details can be found at the official website of Carinthia Bikeweek or at Harleysite.

The European Bike Week 2022 will feature the main Harley Davidson event in Faak. A little down the road you find the Arneitz Custom Show. At the Harley Village, there will be two stages with life music and several dealer and customiser shops and street food stands. Also at the Arneitz location you find plenty of inspiration, music, food, and shopping opportunities.

We will be taking one of our “Circus” coloured motorbike and camping trailers to this spezial event. Have a good ride and hope to see you there !