Form follows function

How to setup your adventure base

Folding caravan and tent trailer or teardrop camper. All titles are not exactly describing what a rausschwärmer is capable of. This multi purpose trailer can be used in many different ways. It offers easy handling and an outside kitchen like a teardrop trailer. But inside you have a generous living area and don’t feel cramped in. The headspace is even higher than of any other ordinary caravan. Kids can play on the floor and you are still able to use the kitchen table. Outside cooking is a pleasure. You can reach inside over the table to access the cooling box placed within the camper. In the article inside of the cocoon you find more details.

Close contact to nature.

An ordinary folding caravan and tent trailer is a great concept. You are in close contact to nature. By use of fabrics to shelter from the elements you are protected but not totally shut off. But the setup of your camping base could be time consuming. Placing all stands, securing ropes and setting up the outdoor kitchen can be tiring. Not with a rausschwärmer ! Setup takes about 1-2 minutes. Here you can see how the wings of the adventure trailer work. On both sides are strong gas springs to reduce the weight of the side-gates. Even a child could open and close the wings. If you like to see more videos please go to our Youtube channel.