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The outdoor and adventure caravan

Camping by the lake

Do you like to spend time in the outdoors ? Do you want to be able to take your adventure trailer to remote places ? Still keep it simple and funktional mixed in with some though trough design ? The rausschwärmer ist able to do all that. It’s the ideal outdoor and adventure caravan. When folded up it is small in size so you are able to get through narrow path ways.

Because rausschwärmer adventure caravan is mainly made from aluminium the weight behind your car is as low as 740kg. You don’t even need a specially strong towing vehicle. In case you like to take a lot of stuff and heavy things into the wilderness there is plenty of room inside and you are put an additional load of 1200kg into the trailer. Apart from all the simplicity and functional design you could upgrade to a 4KW diesel heater and solar panels and enjoy a little luxury away from home. Freedom, adventure, outdoors…and a little luxury. Spoil yourself !

Here you can find more information about the upgrades: read more

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