food truck

Food truck / promotion vehicle / mobile office

Food truck Austria. A mobile exhibition stand with a retro look. Street food is becoming a popular catering option. Striking design and strong colors help to attract attention and arouse customers’ curiosity.
A modern snack stand, a cool cocktail bar and a special promotional vehicle. The rausschwärmer is a multifunctional trailer. Made in Austria!

Use it as a mobile bar for wine tasting, whiskey or other spirits. Carpenters and craftsman use it as flexible workshop. Even as a counter for live cooking and grill events, the enthusiast stands out from the crowd. Also artists such as tattoo artists, barbers and wood carvers can transform the rausschwärmer into a live stage for their performances. Attention guaranteed !

Mixing work and pleasure time

Nevertheless, the rausschwärmer holds still the option as an outdoor and sports caravan in your free time. For example the counter, that opens inwards and outwards is also your optional small office if you are on the road. Windsurfers and kiters could make efficiently use of it by the ocean in case of missing wind for their sport. this way a “normal” work week with 9-5 could be put to the past successfully. Incidentally, this comes from the company’s founder’s wealth of experience.

Available is also a special version of our multifunctional trailers with double the sales area. On each side there is a work area that folds outside or to the inside. Obviously the sleeping area is not available in this model.

Hygiene is important for use as a food truck in Austria and can easy be guarantee. All components are made of powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel. The counter, is made of plywood, sealed with a special varnish. If goods have to be transported or if the vehicle is equipped with heavy catering equipment, it is not a problem. The trailer can be loaded with up to 1250kg. Inside work bench with two barstools from Nardi-Outdoor.