trailer for sports equipment and camping

Sports equipment and camping

The Trailer for sports equipment and camping. How can you combine you passion for sports, the outdoors and camping ? Do you have any solution for transporting all the gear and still have a great place to sleep, cook or entertain ? Maybe you would also love have a little workbench to do whatever you like best ?

A rausschwärmer trailer can do all that. Up to 1250kg of gear can be transported and you still have a place to sleep and cook. Also you are still connected to nature and the outdoors but keep the rain outside and have the option to put on the heating. You are independent as the footprint of the trailer is small and it is easy to maneuver around. If you have the optional solar system installed for electricity you don’t have to run around looking for the next plug to charge your phone or other media equipment.

But apart from being a great trailer for sports equipment and camping it can be used for many other purposes. Check out the other articles. You could for example also use the trailer for your business as a trade stand or espresso bar. Then you are most likely able to deduct the acquisition cost in your next tax return 😉

The e-bike in the clip is from our friend at bikee Their production facility is almost next to ours in the Austrian town of Leibnitz. We love those guys and their products. They are also responsible for the stylish geero