Cargo trailer

The adventure trailer turns into a transportcaravan. The rausschwärmer is more than just a camping trailer. It’s multi purpose options make the purchase price very reasonable. You don’t need different trailers for various purposes. Many things can be done with a rausschwärmer. Up to 1250kg can be loaded inside the trailer.

For some customers who run a business it is interesting, that the rausschwärmer is listed as a transport trailer according to the vehicle documents. Therefore, the acquisition costs can often be written off for tax purposes.


Naturally you can also transport all your sports gear to your leisure time location. The ideal solution for anybody interested in wind surfing, kayaking, diving, paragliding etc. Even a small sailing boat (up to 3,5m) fits inside the trailer. The inside of the trailer is robust and water resistant. Therefore it is no problem when wet gear will be stored or transported. Also motorbike enthusiasts can make use of the transportcaravan and will love our optional bike mounts. Read more