base camp for water sports

Base camp for water sports

The ideal partner for all types of water sports and camping. A freedom-loving folding caravan for fun sports and closeness to nature. Not a conventional caravan but a real supporter of outdoor activities.

One of the special features of a rausschwärmer is the high loading capacity. Bulky sports equipment such as surfboards, kitesurfing equipment, sails and masts can easily be accommodated inside. Kayaks, canoes and row boats can also be stowed away.

water sports and camping

Hanging equipment on the inner ceiling or lashing it to the versatile brackets on the walls is ideal. Even sensitive devices such as fishing rods and harpoons can be stowed away quickly and safely. In addition to the existing devices, self-developed options can also be integrated and added to the existing system. In addition, the weight of diving equipment or even a jet ski or small sailboat is not a problem. Furthermore, all components are waterproof inside and outside and dirt can be easily rinsed off.

In favor of the usable space and a very high loading capacity, we decided against the permanent installation of a toilet and shower. We rely on mobile solutions that take up less space. The room concept is open and reduced to the essentials. We give priority to our own freedom and mobility but do not renounce the essentials.

Natural thermal air conditioning and heating

The translucent roof can be opened in a few simple steps. So it can be endured in the rausschwärmer even on sunny summer days. Air conditioning is therefore completely unnecessary and also not as efficient as natural thermal air movement. However, we recommend the optional 4KW diesel heater in order to keep your own heat in the comfort range in the event of a cold snap. Since most water sports demand a lot from the body, the rausschwärmer caravan should represent the base camp where your own batteries can be refueled.

Living area and extensions

Inside, the trailer offers plenty of space to sleep, relax or even work, cook and eat. Not only for a single water sports enthusiast but also for the family or a group of friends. Seven adults can easily sit facing each other in the interior without the need for extra chairs. Even the smaller members of the clan such as children or dogs quickly discover the advantages of a rausschwärmer for themselves. In addition to the toys of the grown-ups, there is always enough space for the smaller ones. While mom and dad let off steam on the water, entire play areas are sometimes created on the spacious floor of the cozy wagon. Dogs tend to watch everything from the raised couch area in the front of the trailer.

Thanks to the open layout and the flowing transition to the outside, the covered area can be enlarged even further. By attaching awnings, the space can also be optimized for larger groups. This even goes so far that the vehicle can be used as a food truck or promotion trailer and event base. You can find more details on this in this article. Food truck