Outdoor and camping gear specially made for the rausschwärmer outdoor trailer. Most of it is unique and only available for our camping trailer. Not all our optional equipment ist listet here. Please contact us for further details.

van life shelve

Orbis 1 + 2

A multi purpose shelve made vor real van life feeling. Orbis-1 is made to attach a stainless steal water tank. This water tank

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mosquito net for the trailer

Mosquito net

The mosquito net for the trailer helps when the insects are bugging you to much. You can leave the upper window flap open

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mount for motorbike

Motorcycle mount

The motorcycle mount developed specially for the rausschwärmer caravan. You can connected it to the fixture beneath the couch in the front bow.

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outdoor trailer with sun sail

Sun sails

The rausschwärmer outdoor trailer with sun sail. We manufacture the sun sails for the trailers according to the requirement of every individual customer.

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Solar system

As an option we upgrade the outdoor trailer with a solar power system. That way you are totally independent and don’t have to

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outdoor furniture

Designer bar stools

Stool for outdoor use made in Italy. Nardi-Outdoor is an Italian manufacturer of high quality designer furniture. We mostly recommend the the model

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water tank

Water tank

The water tank for camping and outdoor adventure. Have you ever been wondering about the best drinking water solution for your outdoor life

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transporting a motorbike

Ramp + bench

Transporting a motorbike, quad or other large sports gear, is what the rausschwärmer trailers are made for. The specially adapted ramp for the

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bike mount for camping

Bike mount

The rausschwärmer bike mount for camping. The bicycle fixture for the outdoor trailer is adjustable. To adjust diameter and width for different tires

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