“rausschwärmer.com” is a cooperation of Posch GmbH and the inventor and designer Arne Pastoor. Call it the Posch-Pastoor joint venture, if you like. The fusion point of both is a passion for innovation. It‘s the marriage of fire and logs.

The characters below are the core team, but many more humble souls are involved in making the moth spread its wings and fly over the road. Special thanks to those !

Arne: Never doing just one thing at a time and not thinking straight. In love with all beautiful visions and a strange passion for mobility of all kinds and trailers in particular. The first man who gave birth to a moth.
Klaus: Multi tasking with 110 % commitment. Turning Arne’s visions into CAD drawings, understanding the high tech metal working machines at the factory and putting structure into production process.
Jo: Exquisite taste in espresso and projects worth develloping. With him believing in the concept and the support of the Posch family the “rausschwärmer” is on the road in this amazing quality.
Walter: He is the man to run to, if we are stuck with some structural calculation, engineering, special parts, shelves and boxes nobody has heard of in the last far out corner of the factory.
Tina: Passionate about energy flow and communication. Marketing and the voice of “rausschwärmer“.
Markus: The only really good looking team member. All bits and pieces that are holding our beast together are organized by this accurate character.
Daniel: The knight in shining armour. His preferred weapons are fire and heat. He is responsible for putting the puzzle together with his wig-torch
Toni: Jewels with the tools. The young kid on the block, fast and precise with all her moves in assembling the creature and adding girl power to the team.