Freedom and flexibility

An innovative tent trailer, folding caravan, utility trailer or even food truck. The caravan with a lot of room and more than just one use. As a noble camping trailer, it is visually striking and yet shows classy understatement. The rausschwärmer are made in the ultra-modern plant of Posch-Leibnitz GmbH in the south of Austria.

A covered wagon of the 21th century.

The stable but light aluminum construction is derived from the bodywork of military transport aircraft. The design is inspired by the ingenious, moving machines of Leonardo Da Vinci and books by Jules Verne. With all its possibilities and functions it is here to free your body and mind. Created for the other kind of agility. The trailers are made for minimalists with an eye for details. A rausschwärmer unfolds itself and your imagination. Possibilities and dreams on wheels. It is a travellers cocoon, workhorse and retreat. Suitable for the lone ranger but equally for an adventures family or a sportive vacation. For the ones who appreciate well executed design and attention to detail as well as versatile use and high mobility. Spread your wings !

Rent a caravan in Austria

The rausschwärmer folding trailer offers a lot of space inside when parked and the wings are open. There is a bedroom, couch and kitchen. When folded up, there is still plenty of room for sports equipment, tools or goods.

retro caravan

How about a coloured caravan with a retro design look to it ? Why don’t we go for “white” and why we feel appealed to the colour scheme and style of the 50th and 60th. See all the colour options and extra features available.


The sport caravan. A vacation with a motorcycle and caravan offers maximum independence ? This multifunctional transport trailer unites the freedom on two wheels with the flexibility of a versatile camping solution.

innovative tent trailer

Travelling with dogs. The solution for you and your furry friends. Do you love fresh air, camping, sports or just being outside. The trailer is more than just a caravan suitable for dogs. It’s made for the travelling wolfs and their alpha.

food truck

Food truck or mobile exhibition stand with a striking colour ? Street food is becoming a popular catering option. A modern snack stand, a cool cocktail bar or a special promotional vehicle ? Read about the options.


How about some independence and a little luxury for your outdoor adventure ? In the bow of the trailer is place for storage, a couch and all the technical installations that make your time off the grid a very comfortable one.

The name of the mini caravan

The title of the vehicle is a mixture of the German words “raus” and “Schwärmer” (hawkmoth). The word “raus” mean “out” and stands for outdoors, nature and mobility. A “Schwärmer” meaning “hawkmoth” (or also “enthusiast”) has two wings like this folding caravan. Rausschwärmer like to go outside and spread their functional wings when they linger.

The advantages of the construction

Thanks to its low weight and manageable external dimensions, the folding caravan is mobile and easy to manoeuvre. On the other hand, if you open the side flaps of the mini caravan, a spacious living room with a bed, couch, cupboards and work surface or kitchen is created. The outdoor kitchen can either be used inside or folded outwards. When closed and ready to drive, the interior remains free for luggage and cargo. Sports equipment, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. can be transported in this way. The innovative folding caravan is manufactured in the Posch-Leibnitz GmbH factory in Styria. An extensive high-tech machine park and well-trained, motivated workforce enable the production of the unique trailer. The company’s own powder coating facility enables excellent surfaces and freedom in color design.

Make an appointment for a demonstration​ !

We have plenty of good picture material about the multi purpose caravan, but unfortunately it does not replace any trade fairs that are currently only taking place to a very limited extent. So make an appointment to visit us real life ! A test site with three trailers at the grounds of an organic farm is also available near the production facility. There the vehicles can be felt, tested or lived in. This camping option is also available to people who do not necessarily intend to buy, but would like to experience a holiday in a special place and in a special accommodation. Spread  your  Wings !