Innovative mini caravan and tent trailer. A folding caravan with high loading capacity option for sports gear. The ideal camping solution for all water sports enthusiasts and friends of motorbikes and ATVs. If you need to take bulky gear into the wilderness the rausschwärmer is the right choice. Also suitable as a food truck for a catering company or as an event vehicle with a mobile office. 

Whatever the rausschwärmer is used for, this section provides more information on technical details, color options, prices and availability. This page is used for personal orientation if you are interested in buying. The information presented here is intended to provide a basic framework for more detailed inquiries. A definitive and detailed current offer will only be made after contacting us. Further information about possible accessories can be found in the equipment category. However, if you’re looking for built-in microwaves, satellite dishes or huge shower cubicles, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

At our YouTube channel you can find videos that explain the structure and use of the multifunctional flaps and camping accessories.

Go out to explore and spread your wings !