outdoor trailer with sun sail

Prices rausschwärmer - 2023

With the standard features the trailer is fully funktional for camping, transporting of goods but also to be used as a promotion or catering trailer. Nevertheless additional upgrades and accessories can be found here. Delivery time for our adventure caravans is approx 6-9 month, depending on the order situation and time of the year. Time counts from the moment of receiving the first deposit. The above prices for the rausschwärmer – 2023 are incl. 20% VAT. Please be aware, that the price list is a guideline only. We make an estimate for each customer once all details, colours and wanted equipment is discussed and agreed upon.

prices rausschwärmer - 2023

How do I get my own rausschwärmer ?

First you need to understand the basic concept of our trailers. All you need to do is spend 15 minutes on our website or our YouTube channel. Please download the anatomy overview and the accessories list from the Details section and spend 3 minutes going through them.

Call us to clarify your thoughts, ask questions and tell us about yourself and your ideas. English and German are equally good. We do not wear ties. You will most likely speak to Arne.

After the conversation, please write up a list of upgrades and accessories that may be of interest to you and email it to us. Optionally, we can also send you a box with samples of our latest colour options. A deposit is required for this.

Our team will work with you on the colour concept of your dreams. We will provide you with an initial cost estimate with prices and estimated delivery times. This is a non-binding offer and will then form the basis for further discussions or emails in detail.

Once everything is clear and we have worked out a suitable plan, we will send you the final documents. Only when these have been signed and a deposit has been transferred will you receive a guaranteed production slot and the clock will start ticking in your favour.

For some customers, who run a business, it is interesting that the rausschwärmer is a transport trailer, according to the vehicle documents. Therefore, the acquisition costs can often be written off for tax purposes.