Overview of accessories

Beneath you find an overview of equipment for outdoor use in combination with a rausschwärmer trailer. Also special attachments, upgrades and tools to tailor the adventure cocoon for your special needs. The main usages of the vehicle are camping and outdoor adventures, wine bar, catering, espresso counter, shop or info stands. Additional to all those purposes the trailer keeps the option as a fully funktional transporting trailer for goods or equipment.


Heating inside the versatile trailer
Heating - equipment for outdoor use

We install the Air4D (4kW) from the manufacturer Autotherm. The main advantages of Autotherm heaters are the stable operation at very low temperatures and the inductive (brushless) electric motors, which are designed for uninterrupted operation of 12,000 hours. The digital control unit allows to set temperatures and offers a timer as well. The warm air flows out at the openings on both sides of the couch. The diesel tank is in the cargo compartment in the front of the trailer. For prices please check this section.

Photovoltaik system

As an option we upgrade the outdoor trailer with a photovoltaik system. With this installation you are totally independent and don’t have to look for a power plug when on an adventure trip. We use a combination of a foldable three section 140 W or a four section 180W FSP-2 solar module and the latest generation of smart MPPT controller. For prices please refer to this list.



The “De-Fender” is a protective cover for the fenders of the trailer. It is made of stainless steel and comes in a set of two. Your customers and guest can use the fender of the trailer to put down glasses, bottles or other goods.


Barfly for catering

The gastronomy and outdoor counter called “Barfly” is an elegant detachable counter for the right side of the trailer. It is made from stainless steel and aluminium and easy to keep clean. It is secures with two bolts beneath and can be taken off the trailer in seconds. It is intended to be used while serving drinks or food but should be taken off while driving the trailer on the road. Right beneath this you can have another shiny stainless steel option, the “De-Fender. If you are looking for a larger surface to present your drinks, food or products you should consider the “Shopifly” for the opposite side of the trailer. For prices please refer to our details section.


Catering and event trailer made in Austria

The elegant and versatile “Shopifly” is an optimal add-on for the left wing of the trailer of the rausschwärmer. We developed this piece, because more and more customers expressed the wish to use the actual bed as a sales or promotional area. It is for the left side of the vehicle in contrast to the smaller “Barfly” on the right side of the trailer. The surface consists of four separate polished stainless steel elements that are bolted with detachable screws to the underlying aluminum frame. The rear border towards the vehicle is laser-cut from red or white matt acrylic. Company logos, graphics and text can be engraved into it. If you are interested, this should be clarified before the start of production of the respective vehicle. For prices please refer to our  details section.


navis shelve

The storage rack “Navis”is a mobile storage compartment and is mounted within the front bow of the trailer. Putting it up or takes just seconds. It can be set either on the left, middle or right position. Two can be mounted simultaniuously. In case of using just one rack it is best to place it on the left side. This way you can still comfortably on the couch beneath. If you are using the trailer as food truck or any other shop or event counter the rack is very useful for presenting nice items and goods for your customers. For prices please check this section.


“Orbis-1” is a shelve made to attach a stainless steel water tank at the bottom part. This water tank has a gravitational water tap on its bottom. The tank is listed further down. If you place a bowl beneath, it serves as a sink and you can comfortable wash your hands with this combination. The system works without any electricity, extra cabel or tubes. The shelve Orbis-2 is almost identical but here the top and bottom area can be used as storage space. Both shelves can be placed at various levels and positions at the rear inside walls of the trailer. More technical infos can be found at the details section.


“Orbis-2” is a versatile shelve for the rear side walls of the rausschwärmer. The top and bottom surfaces can be used as storage space for clothes, towels or products if you intending to use the trailer as a sales shop. All “Orbis” shelves can be placed at various levels and positions at the rear inside walls of the trailer. More technical infos can be found at the details section.


wine shelve

“Orbis-3” is the third version of the “Orbis” shelve system. This one is special made for wine bars and catering purposes. The top and bottom surfaces can be used to store glasses. All “Orbis” shelves can be placed at various levels and positions at the rear inside walls of the trailer. More technical infos can be found at the details section.

Small water tank

Small water tank (3L) with tap on the bottom, for shelf “Orbis-1”. The faucet works exclusively with gravity. If you place a bowl underneath it, it serves as a sink and you can easily wash your hands with this combination. The system works without electricity, extra cables or hoses. If you need warm water, a small 12V immersion heater can be hung in the tank. Tank and lid are made of stainless steel.

Water bowl

Water bowl, 4L, in combination with “Orbis” shelves, stainless steel.

Shelve “Aqua”

The shelf “Aqua” for the large water tank (capacity of 15 liters) is integrated into the rear right of the vehicle frame. This shelf can be folded down into the frame if necessary. This way you get the full width of the cargo space in the rear and can load larger quads or other equipment and goods into the trailer. Accessories include fastening straps with buckles for the water tank. Made from aluminum and wood.

Water tank

water tank for outdoor use

The water tank (15L) for  the “Aqua” shelve comes with a tap and is made of stainless steel. It’s the best solution storing drinking water on a for camping trip or outdoor adventure.  This is how we do it. Either use it from the inside of the trailer if the table is folded inwards or reach it from the outside position if the wing with the worktop is folded outwards. Cleaning and refilling is as easy as it can be.
A standard water tank for camping is made from plastic. Our stainless steal solutions is a little more expensive, but if it comes to drinking water we are a little picky. Probably not just with that.

Motorbike mount

The mount for motorbikes is adjustable for various wheel sizes. It is developed specially for the rausschwärmer caravans. You can connected it to the fixture beneath the couch in the front bow. The camping options of the caravan are not hindered at all as it can easily be detached and moved out of the way. So if you want to use the inside of the trailer for cooking, socialising, chilling etc. consider to put it somewhere outside. We recommend to place the mount beneath the open left wing of the trailer. More information about usage of motorbikes in combination with our adventure trailers you find here.


The ramp serves a double purpose for loading vehicles and as sitting
bench. It comes with a seperate supporting stand. Transporting a motorbike, quad or other large sports gear, is what the rausschwärmer trailers are made for. The specially adapted ramp for the trailer is made from aluminium. On the one side we use checkered plate material to have a better grip while driving up the trailer. On the other side we use smooth aluminium without the structure. A special leg fixture comes with the ramp. Its purpose is to support the ramp while it is connected to the side of the trailer. If you want to store away the ramp while driving it has a special place inside of the trailer at the rear wall. Read more

Bicycle mount

The mount for two bicycles is adjustable for various wheel dimensions.  To adjust diameter and width for different tires just move a few bolts to different positions. You can fit up to 3 stands for a total of 6 bicycles onto the bracket in the front bow of the versatile trailer. Also heavier e-bikes find a save transporting position this way. It is possible to combine the bike mount with the larger mount for motorcycles. Read more

Skylight window

Skylight window, between 2nd and 3rd roof pole, PVC foil

Heavy duty cover

The heavy duty cover above the actual tent fabric is an upgrade to keep the beneath clean and dry. It comes in various colours according to the all over design of the outdoor trailer.

Sun sail

The sun sail is approximately 2,3×2,5m and done in various colours depending on the all over theme of the trailer. It is attached to the piping rail just above the right wing. If you want to use the left side of the trailer as a sales point and not as a bed, you could also use it here to give some shelter for your goods and customers. Some customers order two pieces, so they can use it simultaneously on both sides.

Mosquito net

Mosquito net - equipment for outdoor use

The mosquito net for the trailer helps when the insects are bugging you to much. You can leave the upper window flap open to get fresh air inside the camping tailer and keep the flying critters outside. It’s fixed on the top within a aluminium rail. If it’s not in use you can roll it up and attach it with two belts or take it out of the rail and put it to the side.

Bar stools

Nardi Barstool

Stool for outdoor use made in Italy. Nardi-Outdoor is an Italian manufacturer of high quality designer furniture. We mostly recommend the the model “Lido Mini”. Fibreglass single-body stool, with a perforation pattern across the seat and backrest that complements the soft fabric padding. Seamless tubular frame and generous size. Lightweight and stackable. Colours available are: Rosso, Bianco, Cafe, Tortora, Agave, Celeste. We usually have a few pieces in stock but can arrange for any number and colour wanted. For prices refer to this list.

Fridge freezer

Fridge Freezer Engel
Fridge Freezer Engel MT35

Fridge freezer, Engel MT35F-V, gray-silver, 32L, 12/230V, 0-18C, 22kg

Trays for "Navis" shelve

Inserts for Narvis
Inserts for Narvis

Tray for spices + cutlery, Tray for plates + bowls, Tray for glasses + cups, fits into “Navis”, pinewood, untreated. Please refer to the lists and drawing in this section.



“Bartender”, long shelve above kitchen or bed frame, pinewood, untreated. Two of the shelves fit next to each other.  Good place to put glasses, cups oder bottles if you are using the rausschwärmer as a bar. Please refer to the lists and drawing in this section.

rear frame shelve

Multi purpose shelve for the inside of the rear frame of the trailer. Meant for cups, small bottles, soap or smaller bits and pieces. Positioning can be left side or right and on various levels. Several of those shelves can be used simultaneously. It’s up to your personal intensions and taste. Pinewood, untreated.

tray for bread + coffee

Holzkiste-Orbis Regal food trailer

Tray for bread + coffee, fitting on top of “Orbis-2” shelve, pinewood, untreated.