Reinventing outdoor lifestyle with an innovative mini caravan.

Are you considering of buying a mini caravan or tent trailer ? Do you want something out of the ordinary that can be used for much more that just the occasional camping trip ? This folding caravan or tent trailer if you like to call the rausschwärmer that way, has much to offer. Our adventure trailer is easy to manoeuvre and follows you to the remote travel destination, where an average caravans will never be able to be driven to. Visit the section equipment for the extra outdoor gear available.

You will not need a specially strong car as the construction is sturdy but lightweight like a plane. Go to the details section for more information. It’s not just for the lone traveller who wants to take his motorbike or surf boards on a vacation. If the multi purpose wings are opened up it can host a family with two kids as well. Apart from the large and comfortable bed with a real mattress you have fixtures for a hammock or enough space for an extra camp bed within the adventure trailer.

independent electricity box


The independent electricity box. A carefully crafted box made from powder coated steel and laser cut plywood parts. We call it the black

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setup of folding caravan

Wings for freedom

Tent trailer innovation from Austria. Freedom of choice for what to do with your trailer and the maximum flexibility is our core interest.

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Cargo trailer

The adventure trailer turns into a transportcaravan. The rausschwärmer is more than just a camping trailer. It’s multi purpose options make the purchase

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Before buying a minicaravan.

For many customers who run a business it is interesting that the rausschwärmer is a transport trailer according to the vehicle documents. Therefore, the acquisition costs can often be written off for tax purposes.