motorcycle camper trailer

Motorcycle transporter and tent trailer in one

Sport and Caravan.

Caravan for motorcycle transport. How can a vacation with a motorcycle and caravan offer maximum independence ? This multifunctional transport trailer unites the freedom on two wheels with the flexibility of a versatile camping solution. With its logically well thought-out design, the Rauschwärmer puts camping on a new level of experience. Combining a motorcycle transporter and a caravan was one of the main ideas behind the innovative overall concept.

Caravans for motorcycle transport

The motorcycle mount for the trailer.

For our sport and caravan option we offer a special fixture. The mount for the motorcycle has five positions to choose from and can be quickly installed or removed. So it is possible to place two slim motocross bikes next to each other or a larger machine such as BMW 1200 GS or Harley Davidson alone in the middle. For the adjustment you only need two bolts to fix the bracket for the motorcycles in the respective position. You will find more details about the mounts in this article.

Ramp for Motorbikes and quads

The ramp for motorcycles and quads.

The height above ground of the loading platform is very low but still keeping a great ground clearance. This way you can conveniently load the motorcycles or even a quads. The specially produced ramps with dual function have their place on the inside wall of the trailer. Additionally the ramp can be used as a practical bench. Quickly attached to the outside of the caravan, it offers seating for 2 people. Further information is provided here. The ramp

Setting up camp with motorcycle and caravan.

If you unfold its wings the inside of the multi purpose trailer transforms the a spacious living area. In this way, the feeling of freedom will be underlined during the outdoor adventure. Attention garantied ! If you show up on a camp side with this classic retro-style trailer, fellow outdoor enthusiast will come running to meet you. They are curious which special character you are, driving around with such a unique trailer. So it is not just a caravan for motorcycle transport but also a form of communication.

For some customers who run a business it is interesting, that the rausschwärmer is a transport trailer according to the vehicle documents. Therefore, the acquisition costs can often be written off for tax purposes.