pop up camper

Easy setup as camping base

A horse trailer conversion because of the outer shape ? A tiny house on wheels ? A retro caravan or folding camper with wings ? Maybe a tent trailer because of the fabric roof over the sleeping area? A food truck or a trade stand and mobile office?

We have already heard many terms and almost all of them apply. Only that with the converted horse trailer is a fallacy. None of the components come from a horse trailer or have been converted. The trailer has been developed from the ground up. Specifically designed for human adventurers. For adventurers who are looking for more than just an ordinary caravan. Also the chassis is custom-made and, like all other parts, manufactured by the Posch-Leibnitz company in southern Austria.

horse trailer conversion

Trailer made from Aluminium

Aluminum is used as the predominant base material for the rausschwärmer in order to save weight. The multifunctional trailer can also be pulled by an average car without any problems. If necessary, however, in combination with a stronger towing vehicle, loads of up to 1,250 kg can be transported.

Another advantage of aluminum is obviously the low susceptibility to corrosion. The higher material costs are admittedly a disadvantage for the short-term saver. Stainless steel and brass are used for the other functional parts.

Pop up camper

Powder coating

A state-of-the-art powder coating facility is available for further preservation. The components are sealed with a 0.3 thick layer of paint by baking in the high tech facility. In addition, the optical color quality is of course excellent and the color composition can be specifically taken into account for each individual vehicle.

Sustainable vehicle

If frame parts or elements of the structure should be damaged, each part can be dismantled and replaced. All large and small components can be separated from each other again if necessary. This makes the rausschwärmer a very sustainable vehicle. From the beginning, durable materials are used and all parts can then be replaced and repaired.

Furthermore, there are countless mounting options in the interior of the folding caravan for either cargo or expansion parts designed by the owner himself. Handrails, eyelets, buttons and holes for M6 screws are available. The multifunctional camper invites you to create your own furnishing and give it a further individual touch. For more details please go to the details section.