Camping with dogs

Travelling and camping with dogs

Camping with dogs ? Are you looking for a solution to make everybody in your pack happy ? Do you like the outdoors like they do ? It doesn’t matter how many legs you got. If you and your furry friends love fresh air, camping, sports or just being outside. The trailer is more than just a caravan suitable for dogs. It is a dogs home on wheels. Also for yourself is enough place left to move around, cook, entertain or sit down read a book or just enjoy the view.

The summers heat

When placed in the direct sun an ordinary caravan get’s really hot inside. Even an air condition unit can’t cope with it in summer. Not a problem for a rausschwärmer outdoor and camping trailer. You can just open the large window and one of the doors to create a pleasant breeze. If you like to go further just open a part of the removable cover of the roof to create a natural thermic airflow. This way you survive even during summer in brutally hot weather. The dogs don’t have to go and lie under the trailer like they usually do. The most comfortable place is right inside for both, the four- and two-legged travellers.

The dog can have a place next to the doors and you will still have enough room to pass. There is a couch in the front bow of the outdoor trailer which your furry companion might choose as it’s favourite lookout. Further details

If the dogs are jumping inside the trailer with muddy paws it’s no problem at all. The floor of the trailer is made out of water resistent plywood and can easily be washed and cleaned. Even the inside walls have no problem with water. They are made from powder coated aluminium. You could just use a hose and wash everything from the inside.

Camping with dogs