Turning the caravan into an outdoor business toolbox

The catering and event trailer made in Austria, was originally designed mainly as a versatile camping and outdoor trailer. But as it turns out, most of our customers are nowadays not just thinking about camping when ordering a rausschwärmer. They have at least one or several different ideas what else to do with the adaptable vehicle. And the ideas and concepts are not coming to a standstill as we see. We regularly experience new feelds and stages where the trailer ist a great solution. We are curious about new creative concepts and are happy to help you to develop your personal rausschwärmer.

Food truck - catering trailer

Food trailer, mobile catering solution for outdoor events, wedding bar and champagne counter. Just to name a few of the many adapted rausschwärmer adventure trailers on the road today. Keep in mind that you can still use the inside of the trailer for transporting all your tools, goods, materials and equipment if you are driving to an event or performance gig.  Here is a beautiful example.

Music stage - event counter - cocktail bar

There are creative artists on the road around europe using the multi skilled trailer as performance or music stage. Some are even serving drinks to their audience after a gig with the assistance of the rausschwärmer. And then after a great but exhausting day of performance, transforming the chameleon back to the adventure cocoon and crashing on the comfortable mattress on the left wing of the trailer. Here is one of our favourites 

The rausschwärmer in the current series are not yet able to fly independently, but we are working on it. What they can already do is provide a pair of wings. Multifunctional wings that help you take off. And that means lifting off from the masses. The masses of those who don’t dare. Not daring to think for themselves and live their own convictions. Convictions that don’t correspond to the average, but spring from deep within and want to get out there. Out into the wild nature and naked wilderness. Or with creativity into the wilderness of an urban environment as a versatile chameleon and flexible vehicle for your everyday professional life. Not just a vehicle, but rather a companion.

Wine bar - espresso stand

The catering and event trailer made in Austria can fit into your own new projects. Several of the multifunktional rausschwärmer trailers are already been used not just for camping or outdoor activities but as wine bar, espresso stand, cheese tasting and sales point or information stand. Or even simultaneously as a wine bar and Harley Davidson trailer like from these amazing people

versatile car trailer for farming use
wine testing bar catering espresso-bar street food trailer foodtruck
Catering and event trailer made in Austria

Upgrading the trailer for catering and events or promotion purposes

If you like to equip your own spezial rausschwärmer for unique ideas and concepts we have several option available. Also we are happy to develop totally new features tailored for your public events. Some of the accessories can be found in the section accessories. But this is not all that’s available. Most likely we are in the middle of developing something new while you read these lines. The catering and event trailer is made in Austria. Please contact us for more information.

Catering and event trailer made in Austria
wine shelve
Catering and event trailer made in Austria
Fridge Freezer Engel MT35
Inserts for Narvis

In the beginning the available options might be a little overwhelming. Therefore we have made a list with the possible upgrades and positioning within the trailer. But don’t be disappointed, it’s not all in the list. And there is also the possibility, that you convince us of some new features, that we should develop specially for you…