Explore the mosaic of the unbeaten track

Exploring unbeaten tracks and the discovery of magic places lies at the center of our hearts. “You have to make up your mind. And you have to decide for one single path and follow it for the rest of your life”. You probably have heard this several times before. Usually from people who don’t appreciate innovative work or like creative thinking to much. But where is the joy ? Definitely we believe in focus, but also in flexibility and a vision that might shift in one or the other direction over a period of time. While being on the move and working towards a goal unforeseen things might happen. Isn’t that lovely ? Driving in one direction only and never taking an unplanned detour might suit some people. Exploration, discovery and adventure usually don’t come along on that static street, but this is also not the street we prefer driving on. If you like to go home, this is the button.

You have to have a business plan ! Do you ?

If you have a business plan and don’t keep your senses alert for your ever changing environment success on the long run is not very likely. Our trailers are ideal for people, who have a vision and like to be outside and enjoy an adventure’s feel to whatever they do. Outside might be in the nature or also outside of the mass, the crowd, the herd. The purpose you have in mind right now for a rausschwärmer trailer might work out great. But if it does not it’s not the end of the road. Trey a little “Offroad”. The trailer can adapt to your visions and suddenly you might be on another, even more exiting road, than you planed in the beginning.

If an undiscovered track gets too busy and the traffic turns into a jam, the original reason for the journey might get forgotten, and the joy of exploration and discovery could turn into a nuisance. Check out our YouTube channel to have closer look at our versatile car trailers.

Exploring unbeaten tracks and discovery

Exploring unbeaten tracks and discovering magic places might require some unusual tools. Those tools we are building. It just looks like a car trailer and is actually something else.