The car trailer with many areas of application

The adaptable car trailer with many areas of application. In addition to its use as a caravan, snack van, wine bar or promotional vehicle, its function as a transport trailer remains unrestricted. Goods, merchandise, tools, equipment or machines can be transported without any problems. After folding in the versatile side wings, the cargo space remains free and can be used to carry additional loads.

Agriculture, woodwork and craftsman

If you run a small farm, the rausschwärmer is particularly suitable for transporting hay and straw or other animal feed. Logs or building materials can also be transported. Carpenters and joiners in particular can use the loading area not only for transport, but also as a mobile workshop. For longer stays on construction sites or for assembly work that takes a while, this car trailer with many possible uses can also be your overnight accommodation and kitchen on the construction site.

The car trailer for professional or private transporting

If the versatile trailer is purchased for a company, the expenses can often be claimed for tax purposes. You can fit three euro palettes behind each other in the cargo area. The load capacity can be up to 1250kg. Also cleaning the aber transporting dirty goods or equipment is pretty easy. The inside can be washed with a garden hose or even with a high-pressure cleaner.

Transporting motorbikes or quads

Of course quads, motorbikes and other lager sport gear can also be transported. The trailer is also more than just a transport solution for motor sports enthusiasts. The interior can be used as a workshop with the work table folded inwards or outwards. And at night, your own bed is not far away and the kitchen and fridge are also just an arm’s length away. You find more about this subject in this section.