Adventure & more

The innovative camper trailer. Made to connect with the outdoors, enjoy nature and sport, transporting equipment or even be used as a food trailer. Adaptability to endlessly occurring new circumstances is the core engine of evolution. rausschwärmer is a shelter on wheels and follows the evolution in versatile mobility. Spread your wings !

camper trailer
As soon as you spread the wings of the multi purpose caravan you instantly feel pure relaxation. Spacious inside when opened up. But if closed, it’s easy to drive down a narrow path to reach your magic location. Read more
retro caravan
How about a coloured caravan with a retro design look ? Why don’t we go for “white” and why we feel appealed to the colour scheme and style of the 60s. Read more
Sport and outdoor adventure. How can a vacation with a motorcycle and caravan offer maximum independence ? This multifunctional transport trailer unites the freedom on two wheels with the flexibility of a versatile camping solution. Read more
dogs and camping
It doesn’t matter how many legs you got. If you and your furry friends love fresh air, camping, sports or just being outside. The trailer is more than just a caravan suitable for dogs. Read more
food truck
Food truck or mobile exhibition stand with ? Street food is becoming a popular catering option. A modern snack stand, a cool cocktail bar or a special promotional vehicle ? Read more
inside adventure trailer
How about some independence and a little luxury for your outdoor adventure ? In the bow of the trailer is place for storage, a couch and all the technical installations that make your time off the grid a very comfortable one. Read more
A special creature.

The rausschwärmer camper trailer is a very adaptable creature with wings like a moth (German = Schwärmer). It is reduced to purity and necessary functions with attention to detail, proportion and design. Also it has a light but healthy and strong body structure. A rausschwärmer likes to be a special and rare being. Roaming around with curiosity and traveling the horizons feeds its hunger for new adventures. It can easily adapt to various eco systems. One day the cocoon might give shelter to a single soul and the next it hosts a swarm of interconnecting bees. After that it could turn into a feeding spot, where hungry critters find comfort or suckle on some fine nectar.

Freedom of choice for what to do with the camper trailer and the maximum flexibility is our core interest. You yourself choose which of the many options available you want to put the trailer in use for. Caravan, adventure vehicle, mobile office, utility trailer, work horse or maybe cocktail or espresso bar and sales point. Also possibly surfers base by the ocean on the weekend and then money making machine during the working days ? Maybe the purchase of one of our trailers starts with one idea and then over time it is developing into something magnificent that you didn’t even think of before. That’s what we mean with freedom !

You are very welcome to give us a call and arrange for a detailed demonstration. Or if you like for some days at our secret but magic testing ground in Styria, southern Austria.